BAILEIGH Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Shear SH-5203-HD-NC


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BAILEIGH Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Shear SH-5203-HD-NC

  • The Baileigh Industrial SH-5203-HD-NC is a heavy-duty metal cutting shear that is built for years of heavy cutting production requirements. This hydraulic shear can cut 52” wide sheet metal with a thickness up to 1/4″ thick. The SH-5203-HD-NC sheet metal shearing machine comes standard with an upper blade carriage that rides in a 3 axis bearing housing that runs on a heavy duty precision ground and hardened rail system for unbeatable accuracy and longevity of blade life. The framework of the SH-5203-HD-NC uses plate steel that is fully welded to increase stability and reduce vibration.
  • The SH-5203-HD-NC metal cutting shear includes front and rear product supports, a roller in feed table, and side guides to easily maneuver the plate steel for the next cut. There is a programmable quick change back gauge rides on a screw ball rail system that has a positioning encoder for accuracy. Eight hydraulic hold downs providing 3.2 tons of pressure each, ensure the sheet of metal doesn’t lift while being sheared to the required length. An accurate shadow light stretches the entire length of the web width for proper placement of the beginning of the cut, for those one off shearing requirements.
  • This heavy-duty hydraulic shear comes standard with a simple to operate control panel including the rake adjustment, jog/run/stop controls, program pad for the back gauge, production counter, and much more. The Baileigh Industrial SH-5203-HD-NC metal cutting shears blade gap can be altered by a simple handle adjustment in seconds when changing material thicknesses.
  • The Baileigh Industrial SH-5203-HD-NC metal cutting shear uses high carbon chromium blades that have several edges, so as the blades wear, they can be flipped several times before re-sharpening is required. A simple remote operator control pendant house an E-Stop button and foot pedal controls.
  • Baileigh Industrial’s SH-5203-HD-NC heavy duty hydraulic shear is typically in stock for quick turn-around.
ITEM: 52″ x 3 ga Hydraulic Shear with NC Control
MODEL: BA9-1007095

Item/Model: BAILEIGH BA9-1007095

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