ACRA Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathe 1743ACH, 1767ACH

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ACRA 17″ Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathes 1743ACH, 1767ACH

  • Spindle:
    • Supported By 3 Precision P-Grade Taper Roller Bearings
    • Dynamically Balanced, Hardened, and Precision Ground
    • D1-6 Spindle Nose
    • Spindle Bore 2-1/4″
  • Universal Gear Box:
    • Oil Bath Lubrication
    • Heat-Treated Gears
    • Inch/Metric/Module/Diametrical Threads
    • Output Shaft is Designed with Safety Pin
  • Head Stock:
    • All Gears Made by Chromium Molybdenum Steel and Segmentation Treated and Precision Ground
    • Forced Lubrication System
  • Tailstock:
    • Quill made by Chromium Molybdenum Steel with Segmentation and Precision Ground
    • Tailstock Spindle 2-3/8″ and Spindle Travel 6″


  • 10″ 3-Jaw Chuck
  • 12″ 4-Jaw Chuck
  • Steady Rest
  • Full Length Splash Guard
  • Coolant System
  • 4 Way Tool Holder
  • Halogen Work Lamp
ITEM: 17″ x 43-67″ Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathes
MODEL: 1743ACH, 1767ACH

Item/Model: ACRA 1743ACH / 1767ACH



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