ACRA 8 Speed Precision Engine Lathe 1440TE


The ACRA 8 Speed Precision Engine Lathe 1440TE has significant advantages for all your turning needs:

  • 8 speeds: This gives you a wide range of speeds to choose from, so you can choose the right speed for the job you are doing.
  • Precision: The ACRA 1440TE is a precision lathe, which means that it can produce parts with high accuracy.
  • Durable: The ACRA 1440TE is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.
  • Versatile: The ACRA 1440TE can be used for a variety of turning tasks, including facing, boring, threading, and knurling.
  • Easy to use: The ACRA 1440TE is easy to use, even for beginners.

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Here are some additional advantages of the ACRA 8 Speed Precision Engine Lathe 1440TE:

      • Dynamic balanced spindle: This ensures that the spindle is running smoothly and accurately, which is essential for producing high-quality parts.
      • Spindle is supported by 3 points precision bearings: This provides for a more stable spindle, which is essential for precision turning.
      • All gears and shafts are made by chromium molybdenum steel with segmentation and precision ground: This ensures that the gears and shafts are durable and reliable.
      • EVS models forced lubrication system: This provides for continuous lubrication of the critical components, which helps to extend the life of the lathe.
      • Nylon safety gears in end train: This helps to protect the lathe from damage in the event of a failure.


    • If you are looking for a precision engine lathe that is powerful, versatile, and easy to use, the ACRA 8 Speed Precision Engine Lathe 1440TE is a great option. It is perfect for businesses of all sizes and is sure to meet your turning needs.Acra’s 1440TE Precision Gap Bed Engine Lathes are made in Taiwan and feature the following:Bed & Stand:
      • One Piece Cast Iron Floor Stand With Foot Brake
      • Front Removable Chip Tray Floor Stand Or Rear Chip Floor Stand Selected
      • Bed Width (10-1/4″), Bed Meehanite Casting, Vibration Stress Relieved
      • Induction hardened And Precision Ground Bed Ways
      • Precision Hand Scraped Removable Gap Bed


    • Headstock:
      • Dynamic Balanced Spindle
      • Spindle Is Supported By 3 Points Precision Bearings-2 Taper Roller And 1 Ball Bearing
      • Housing Are Properly Stabilized & Deflection Free
      • All Gears & Shafts Are Made By Chromium Molybdenum Steel With Segmentation And Precision Ground
      • EVS Models Forced Lubrication System
      • Nylon Safety Gears In End Train


    • Spindle:
      • Machined From Forged Alloy Steel, Hardened Ground & Dynamically Balance
      • Three Point Support By High Grade Precision Machine Tool Taper Roller & Ball Bearings


    • Universal Gear Box:
      • Induction Hardened And Ground Gears And Shafts
      • Wide Threads Cutting Capacity For Imperial, Metric, Module Pitch And Diametrical Pitch


    • Apron:
      • Right Hand Side Or Left-Hand Size Apron. Hand-Wheel Available As Requested
      • Integrated Automatic Device For Longitudinal & Cross Feeds, Forward And Reverse Feeds


    • Carriage & Slide:
      • Anti-Float Design, Backlash Eliminator Fitted In Cross Slide Nut
      • Safety Clutches At Feed Shaft Lever
      • Dual Reading Dials
      • One Shot Lubrication For Carriage And Tops Slide


      • 8″ 3-Jaw Chuck
      • 10″ 4-Jaw Chuck
      • Coolant System
      • Halogen Light
      • Full Length Splash Guard
      • Steady Rest/Follow Rest
      • 4 Way Tool Holder
      • Chuck Guard

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Weight 3600 lbs



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