RUOFF NOTCHER Automatic Power Notcher with Non-Marring Feed Wheel

Price of optional accessories will be ADDITIONAL to price of machine
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ITEM: 16-20 ga. Automatic Power Notcher with Non-Marring Feed Wheel
  • Notcher with either style punch & die (#1 or #3) with Non-Marring Feed Wheel
  • Automatic Power Notcher for the Heating, Air Conditioning and Sign Industry
  • Fast, Simple, Flexible
  • The Ruoff Notcher is a punch press with an adjustable automatic feed. It is precision designed for punching various shapes, along the edge of sheet material.
  • Sheet steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, plastics, cardboard, or any sheet material that can be punched, can be handled by the Ruoff Notcher.
  • Each Ruoff Notcher is fully guaranteed for 90 days after date of purchase. Shipping is immediate. The Ruoff Notcher is easily installed in less than five minutes.
  • Compact self-contained unit provides safety and convenient trouble-free service.
  • Standard punch and dies provide either 15° notch or a 3/32" slot. Other patterns are available. The punch and die can be sharpened several times.
  • TO MEET SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: The need for notching heavier gauges, wider spacing, or meeting other specific conditions beyond the scope of the standard Ruoff Notcher can often be met by minor modifications. Inquiries are invited regarding these special needs.