BAILEIGH Throatless Shear MPS-1

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BAILEIGH Throatless Shear MPS-1

The MPS-1 thoatless shear from Baileigh Industrial is quickly becoming the go to machine for anyone that has to shape and cut sheet metal. The unique design on the blades allows the operator to cut just about any shape they need. The best part is that this little mighty mite only weighs 16lbs, but is strong enough to cut 14 gauge mild steel easily.

The throatless design of the MPS-1 shear makes it easy to cut large

panels as well. As the operator cuts the material, the design of the

cast base guides the material away from the blade allowing the operator

to keep cutting without having to trim, saving a lot of production


ITEM: .08" Multi-Purpose Throatless Shear